Laptop Sleeve with Zip for 10inch Laptop with free shipping at Rs 250


In the present days, Laptops are the buzzword. Laptop users carry their entire e-world with them whenever and wherever they go.  When we purchase a Laptop we always get a default laptop bag, but it just doesn’t provide the adequate safety that your lappy needs. Release the shackles of a large bag and embrace this sleek, lightweight, protective and sturdy laptop sleeve with zip today for Rs 250 Only!

How to Buy Laptop Sleeve with Zip for 10inch Laptop at Rs 250?

Laptops are an investment and a very costly one indeed, and nothing pains us more when we see that our laptop is damaged. Laptop bags are bulky, add lots of weight to the laptop, dragging them around is cumbersome and a downright pain at times. Conversely, the laptop sleeves are very light in weight and make you feel very much comfortable when carrying laptop. This laptop sleeve is sleek and will hardly add any weight to your laptop and you can carry it anywhere.

Proper casing for your laptops is of utmost importance if you wish to optimize its usage. Laptop sleeve decreases excessive movement as opposed to bags and in turns saves your lappy from small nicks and abrasion It also protects your expensive laptops against dirt, moisture and accidental water or any sort of liquid spills. Today we  bring to laptop sleeve with zip which is designed with proper cushioning around the laptop, easy slip-in-slip-out case with a zip to keep water out and provide the ultimate protection. Made of high quality neoprene, sturdy zip this sleeve is meant to last. Carry not only your lappy but also to carry your style statement.

Key Features:

  • Neoprene.
  • Black.
  • 10″ Laptop.

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Rs 300
Rs 250