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 Fab Home gets you the best of furniture to use. These furniture pieces are unique and elegant. They are different from the rest. Lay your hands on this cool piece of laptop table at lowest price. Get a table for just Rs.750. You can use it anywhere. This is a light weighted, multi utility table. Hurry up.

How to buy the Fab Home Yen Laptop Table at lowest price – flat 69% off:

  1. Go to fabfurnish.com.
  2. Click on Buy Now.
  3. Cash on delivery available.
  4. Delivered in 4-7 business days.

Did you know that laptops should not be used on beds and pillows?  Laptops tend to get heated very fast. This heat tends to even create fire sometimes on beds and pillows. It is highly risky to use laptop when in the bed. Laptop needs to be placed on hard materials like a table or a writing pad. To make things easy, Fabfurnish has come up with a laptop table at lowest price. This table is tiny, light weighted and portable. It can be carried to anywhere and everywhere. It is easy to setup and use. This cool laptop table at lowest price also has a built in fan. This fan can be plugged to the USB port of your laptop. A laptop cooling pad fan always decreases the heat from your laptop. It saves damage of your laptop. It ensures better performance and longevity of the battery. This laptop table at lowest price is availabel at fab furnish for just Rs.750. It is a sturdy table. It can also be adjusted according to your height. It has two adjustable stands. These can be pulled out or pushed in when needed. It also has a cup holder and a little space for other things. You can drink coffee, take notes and study from the laptop. All this with your things on just one table and not scattered away. Be organized. Save your laptop from over heating. Get the laptop table at lowest price today.

Product Description:

Material: Reinforced Polymer.
* Color: White & Black.
* Table Top Material: Plastic.
* Folding: Yes.
* Laptop Table Length: 22 inches (55 cm), Width: 12.5 inches (31 cm), Expanded Height 12 inches (30 cm), Compressed. Height: 9 inches (23 cm).
* Delivery Condition: Assembled.
* Having Two Fan Powered Through USB Port.
* Quantity: 1 Piece (Laptop Table)v.


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