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Sonali Singh

Our feet endure the maximum of pressure of our body.They should be given the utmost care.One should gift the feet a deep relaxing massage.But is this really possible every time?Guess not.As this is an era of speed and competition.So to spare out ample amount of time to massage feet gets impossibly difficult.So how about something that eases all your effort.Something that provides you a rejuvenating massage at ease.Get home Foot massager at lowest price.Brought to you by at Rs 10,800/-44% off.

How to get the Foot Massager at lowest price?

  1. Shop for Foot Massager at lowest price.
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  3. Cash on delivery.
  4. Zero Processing Fee on EMIs: 3,6 months.
  5. Offer valid till 31st Oct 2013.
  6. Exciting combo offers also available.

Staying erect on your feet the whole day is tiresome.So you should opt for get a quick and efficient method of relief.The JSB-HF05 Leg and Foot massager at lowest price is best for you. This foot massager at lowest price is specially designed to relax your feet.It massages your feet, ankle and calves, all at the same time.Hence taking care of your whole lower leg. This foot massager at lowest price stimulates and massages the nerves of your feet. It increases the flow of blood and thus helps to reduce pain. It vanishes all the symptoms associated with tired aching legs.

The foot massager at lowest price is your savior of hard painful times.It is integrated with 2 speed levels.You have total control over the intensity levels.So you get a complete personalized massage. The electronic foot and leg massager also features an auto shut-off function. It automatically shuts down the device after 15 minute of its usage. There are reflexology foot plates located at the bottom of the unit. They actually vibrate to enhance the massage. This reflexology foot plates have nodes attached to them.This presses into your reflex points in rhythmic patterns.Hence leaving you relaxed and rejuvenated. A special roller is integrated in the unit.It brings relief to the calf muscles and arch of the foot.

Product Details:

  • 2 Speed Settings.
  • Vibratory Method.
  • Special Rollers for Calve Muscle / Ball and Arch of Foot.
  • Reflexology Foot Plate.
  • 15-minute Auto Shut-off.
  • Air-pressure Knead Pad.
  • Dimensions: 16 (H) x 17 (W) cm.
  • Squeezes and Massages Feet / Ankles and Calves.

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