Lenovo Essential G505 Laptop from Flipkart – Save Rs 4500 Extra


Lenovo Essential G505 Laptop with 2GB Ram , APU Dual Core and 500 GB Hard Disk is now available at flipkart.com at an amazing saving of Rs 4500 extra at the final cart price.

How to buy Lenovo Essential G505 Laptop :


Key Features :

  • Battery-Saving Technology.
  • HD Widescreen Display.
  • APU Dual Core/ 2GB/ 500GB/ DOS.
  • Spill-resistant, Island-style Keyboard.
  • Dolby Advanced Audio.
  • 72p HD High-sense Webcam.

Details in HD

The Lenovo G505 is from the highly recognized Essential series which is equipped with a high quality HD Widescreen display. This 15.6 inch display is capable of resolutions of 1366 X 768 pixels and can easily display high definition visuals.

Island Keyboard

The keyboard layout is of the Island Style which allows for high speed typing thanks to equally spaced out keys that can help in greater accuracy. You also have a layout that has been designed to be spill resistant in case you spill some liquid onto it.

Power Saver

The Lenovo comes equipped with power management tools that can effectively and efficiently manage the power such that you get the most out of a single full charge.

High Quality Webcam

With the inclusion of a 720 p capable webcam, you can take high quality images and interact with your distant friends with the help of video calls and other methods that take advantage of the high quality camera.

Superior Sound

The laptop comes with a Dolby Advanced Audio enhancement that can help in producing high quality audio no matter which speaker set you use. If you connect a pair of headphones, you can still experience the goodness of the Dolby Audio.

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Rs 17490