Let’s Run for Unity, Let’s Run for India – A Tribute to Sardar Patel

Run for your Roots. Run for Unity. Run for India!

The young little lazy Aastha has decided to ‘run’ well beyond the task of burning her bugging calories. Manav has outgrown his love for the fancy Smartphones as he wants to ‘run’ his heart out for a different and a serious trip. Mr and Mrs Verma have pulled out their warm branded track suit to cheer lead which is far beyond their cause to serve their senior behnjis and bhai sahabs.

When the itch gets the better part of you, just nothing comes in between your love or the unbridled desire to steer a change.

The burning itch we are talking about is on a pan-India scale. It is about a two-kilometre ‘run’, which has been planned at over 1000+ locations starting from Nagpur.

Let’s Run for Unity, Let’s Run for India

Let's Run for Unity, Let's Run for India Schedule

The iconic run to be held on Sunday, the 15 December, 2013 from 8.00 am to 11.00 am might clash with your beauty parlour appointments, kitty parties, or plain lazing around in the winter chill. Yes, for the busy and the career-driven, it could also be ‘Chod yaar, Sunday match hai’. But for the youth who want to contribute in a unique and memorable way to their nation as close to what the Iron Man of India did years back, it is time to put on our canvas shoes and move our bodies and souls to ‘Run for Unity’.

A Tribute to Sardar Patel

This gentleman we are talking about rose to colossal heights but never forgot his roots. He was from a humble background but his superb ability to mobilise the people remains undisputed. Some call him India’s Bismarck. Sarojini Naidu described him as a “golden jewel hidden inside an iron made strong match box”. He happens to be none other than ‘Sardar’. The Bharat Ratna recipient Sardar Vallabhbhai Patel – an Indian barrister and statesman who was one of the leaders of the Indian National Congress and one of the founding fathers of the Republic of India.

A curtain raiser to the Statue of Unity movement, the ‘Run for Unity’ is an unprecedented historic movement that will see more than 40 lakh people run simultaneously in India. This historic run is aimed to unite the country by paying fitting tributes to Sardar Vallabhbhai Patel, the Iron Man of India on his 63rd death anniversary.

A Tribute to Sardar Patel

Lionised as a hero in Gujarat, the Iron Man was the only man who was instrumental in uniting 565 princely states after India’s Independence to create India as we know today. The purpose behind the run is to spread awareness and mobilize support for the Statue of Unity movement by building a massive statue of Sardar Patel in Gujarat that would be 182 metres (597 ft) tall. To be erected at Sadhu Bet, 3.32 km from Sardar Sarovar Dam in Gujarat, the Statue would be almost double the height of the famous Statue of Liberty. The Statue would be symbolic of the country’s credo of unity in diversity.

Would the statue be yet another combination of cement and concrete?

There is every bit of a labour in it as it is endearing to know what would make this iconic statue is iron and soil collected from around 2.38 lakh panchayats in India. An indeed motivating and respectable thought from the man behind this massive movement, Narendra Modi.

In short, the statue is not just a lofty monument in meters and feet but a glorious vision in terms of academic, historical, national and spiritual values. A historical communion connecting India’s past with her future.

The Run for Unity will be the largest mass run or walk of its kind in the world. The previous world record saw a participation of 1.2 lakh. However, it is believed that the Run for Unity this time will beat this record more than 20-fold. Men and women, old and young, civilians and celebrities alike will wear a common unity scarf to mark their participation in this historic event.

You as the future leaders of the nation can do justice to this great visionary and his epochal contribution to the Indian nation by following him on his journey that defied inertia, that tested limitations, that managed to accomplish the impossible, that refused to get lost in history, that most importantly chose to create it.

Register for Let’s Run for Unity, Let’s Run for India

Let us as young blood participate in this momentous run and follow the inspiring journey of Sardar Vallabhbhai Patel.

To be a part of this campaign, register on www.runforunity.com or call 08000980009.

Everybody Run now….
Under the burning Sun…
Unity divides…
Division will Unite

Run for India’ is a social cause espoused whole- heartedly by Dealstan, the land of Great Deals!

Author: Deepika Dewan

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