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Kajal Mehta

In the age of innovations and technology there are new entrants in the market by the day. As technology advances, newer products enter the market at a dynamic scale. These booming gadgets make the otherwise time consuming tasks easier. Rapidly flourishing smartphone trend is the highlight. LG Nexus 4 at Best Price available only on flipkart. It provides you with the brand new LG Nexus 4 at Best Price of Rs.2370 only.

How to buy LG Nexus 4 at Best Price in India:

  1. Shop for LG Nexus 4 at Best Price.
  2. Select the LG nexus phone.
  3. Click on Add to Cart.
  4. Click on Buy Now.

Price Comparison:

Snapdeal : Rs 25852.

Cell phones are the most indispensable and essential unit in today’s world. It helps you to stay in touch with your loved ones at anytime of the day and night. With the break-neck competition better features have been introduced. LG Nexus 4 at Best Price is incomparable.  It connects smartphone to the other devices wirelessly. Comes with a photo sphere camera. It comprises  the Quad Core Processor.  A 4.7-inch HD IPS Display is an integral feature of this phone. Elegant and sophisticated with an impossible to miss sparkle, the phone is the epitome of sleek, minimalist design. Lets you capture some immemorable moments with the help of 8 megapixel camera. With the camera set on your Photo Sphere mode, you can capture incredible panorama shots, from with a 360 degree view.The phone also boasts a 1.3 MP camera in the front, to help video chatting. It also includes remarkable features over it’s predecessors. The Swype enabled typing, facial recognition at the lock screen and more. It is powered by a lithium ion 2100 mAh battery with a talktime of upto 11 hours.

Product description:  At first look, It doesn’t fail to enthrall people. Sleek straight lines make up the device’s dull chrome finished bezel that encloses the Gorilla Glass encased screen. Measuring 68.7×133.9×9.1 mm, the phone is an easy fit for your hands. At 139 gm, a lightweight one too. Elegant and sophisticated with an impossible to miss sparkle, the phone is the epitome of sleek, minimalist design.

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Rs 25999
Rs 24299