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Sonali Singh

Your home is your paradise. But would it be a paradise anymore if not maintained and well-kept? It would not take it much long to turn into a hellish place if it will be all under oodles of dust and dirt. And how truly as they say, hygiene, peace, chastity, calm and above all God resides in a clean-purely-kept house. Well, cleaning your home could be arduous and strenuous when you have to do it all with hands. And viably it is not even possible to reach your hands to every nook and corner and wash off the dirt. And your poor hands, waist and spine have to pay the price and they ache whole day long. Well here is something very relieving and very adept that cleans your house and leave it sparkling fresh within minutes. Presented to you by Cromaretail, the LG VC1015NND Bagless Vacuum Cleaner, at highly affordable price.

How to get the LG VC1015NND Bagless Vacuum Cleaner?

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Price Comparison :

Flipkart : Rs 5090/-.

Snapdeal : Rs 5558/-.

Bring home your smart helper that leaves your paradise dust free and dirt free in no time. Be it a thick carpet, or a huge cushioned sofa, your couch or your heavy curtains, a messy-dirty-floor or your velvet-covered chairs, the bagless cleaner cleans all. So those inaccessible corners and ceilings are no more a nightmare to clean. Making your cleaning a happy session and your enjoy while you clean your house. Leaving your home fresh as a flower, the LG VC1015NND Bagless Vacuum Cleaner is your perfect home maker. Without demanding much of your electricity, the cleaner is highly energy-efficient and saves power.

Equipped with an awesome 220 W of suction power, the LG VC1015NND Bagless Vacuum Cleaner comes in an attractive purple color to offer excellent value for money. This bagless vacuum cleaner has a single cyclone system that reduces the friction inside the dust container. You’ll love the upholstery nozzle, which can be used for mattresses and upholstery. With a good holding capacity of 0.7 litre, this purple vacuum cleaner comes in a compact design that makes it user-friendly and easy to store. You can reach cobwebs and other almost inaccessible areas of your home with the crevice tool of this home appliance. There’s also a dusting brush that’s designed for uneven objects like picture frames and books. It also features a two-way parking system, upholstery brush, dual steel pipe, silent operation and minimum power requirement.

Product Details:

Available with the product.

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Rs 3041