Logitech Mini Boombox Speaker with Bluetooth and USB at 40% OFF

Sonali Singh

Enjoy the music like never before. Sound that makes your heart go beat faster. Flipkart, that is the perfect destination for all your needs. Pick products that cater perfect to your needs and fit aptly in your budget. Bringing to you the very handsome deals, Flipkart always help you choose the best. Now make every purchase a happy one. As it has always put the best price that is highly affordable. Launching this time, the best speakers, i.e. the Logitech Mini Boombox Speaker with bluetooth and USB at 40% OFF. Now wait not to bag home the best deal of speakers.

How to get Logitech Mini Boombox Speaker?

  1. Shop to get Logitech Mini Boombox Speaker on flipkart.com.
  2. Click on Buy Now.

Final Price: Rs. 2999/-.


A penchant music lover and grapples over your not-so-happening speakers? It is the music that purifies mind, body soul. The soul that is hardest to reach of all. It relaxes one’s nerves and soothes the nerves. And hence music is a great healer too. It nurtures every cell of one’s body and make everything harmonized. So, now get rid of your troubling speakers and get the musical harmony through new lively speakers.

You can now enjoy your loved songs with smart speakers. Logitech is a brand that has grown more and more since its existence. It helps you enjoy music like never before. The best quality speakers at low price are your perfect partner. They are designed especially for the people who want to live and die with music. It makes you calm and rejuvenated. Buy the perfect Logitech Mini Boombox Speaker. Speakers are developed with dynamic bass and have superior sound quality. They almost pamper your ears. They have a soothing effect on ears and have a compact speakers and give high performance. Wait not to get the Logitech Mini Boombox Speaker with bluetooth and USB at 40% OFF.

Product Details:

Available with the product.

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Rs 4999
Rs 2999