Logitech MK240 Wireless Keyboard Mouse at Rs 1419 from Amazon India

Sonalee Sarkar

Logitech Wireless Keyboard MK240  is a compact keyboard with proper placement to its keys thus helping you to save a lot of space.It also has a wifi enables button on it which can be used for wireless connections. Thus you do not need to go to settings and then follow procedures to start a wifi but now just a click can help you connect to a connection. Available on a discounted price of Rs.1419 from amazon.in. This pack is also accompanied by the mouse.

How to get this Wireless Keyboard Mouse at discounted price of Rs 1419?

  1. Click here to go to the Store Page.
  2. Select this product and add it to shopping cart.
  3. Proceed to checkout and make payment.

Logitech MK240 Wireless Keyboard Mouse at Rs 1419 from Amazon IndiaThis is a simple keyboard which when used for the first time your fingers get used to the placing and spacing of the keypad buttons immediately thus when you use it for the second time your fingers automatically can run through the required alphabets on the keypad without focusing and finding on to where exactly is the button. Also the mouse is smooth and easy to use.

4 Responses to “Logitech MK240 Wireless Keyboard Mouse at Rs 1419 from Amazon India”

  1. Mehtar Kurup

    Are there any wireless keyboards and mice that will work at a distance of like 10-15ft? (~3-4 meters)

    i currently have an HP wireless keyboard and it only works with in like a foot or two. after that its not recognized.
    Yes! its a 32″ widescreen tv. and want to be able to sit on my couch and use it.

  2. Kanishka Shikhare

    I am thinking of taking a one instead of going for the conventional types…

  3. Agneya Garg

    My wireless keyboard just stopped working, nothing will light up, both the mouse and keyboard run on 1 usb adapter and the mouse is working fine i just cant get the keyboard to do anything (and yes i put new batteries in it ) what should i do? is logitech any better?

  4. Samara

    Price updated at Amazon website. Let me know when new deal available.


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Rs 1699
Rs 1419