Logitech Tablet Keyboard for Android Tablet Accessories at Flat Rs 2799


The tablet revolution has made our work less hectic. Now we get to carry our work and play unit with great ease wherever we want. But the touchscreens on tablets do not offer the comfort that a conventional keyboard does, specially if you are going to work for longer hours. With the new Logitech Tablet Keyboard for Android Tablet Accessories, you can still get the portability of a tablet and type for longer hours with the keyboard. The smart and innovative product from Logitech is a boon. It connects with your Android tablet through Bluetooth. The keyboard comes with a stand which also doubles as a cover to protect the keyboard from scratches. The stand supports the tablet and lets you use in portrait or landscape mode. The keyboard is equipped with media buttons too to easily play, pause or forward your media. Buy this innovative gadget from FutureBazaar at just Rs. 2799.

How to buy Logitech Tablet Keyboard for Android Tablet Accessories:

  1. Click on the link here.
  2. Click on buy now.
  3. Proceed to payment.

Logitech Tablet Keyboard for Android Tablet Accessories

Key Features:

  • Comfortable to Use Keyboard and Stand Combo.
  • Use on Android Based Tablet.
  • Bluetooth 1.2.
  • Dimension (WxDxH): 288 X 16 X 130 mm.
  • 3 Year Limited Warranty.

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Rs 3995
Rs 2799