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Regular power cuts? Have an important task to complete? Can`t bear the heat? Want to catch that last minute of your favorite show? Get the Luminous inverter at discount price. This gives you the chance to have a power back up. Every single day. It is time you dump your temper when the power goes off. Purchase a luminous inverter at discount price instead. Pepperfry gives a good discount on it. Buy one to make life much better.

How to buy the luminous inverter at discount price from pepperfry – 675VA at Rs.3831:

  1. Go to
  2. Shop for luminous inverter at discount price.
  3. Use pepperfry coupon code APVU20PER to get 20% off.
  4. Click on buy Now.
  5. Note that cash on delivery is not available.

India is quite famous for frequent power cuts. The energy crisis has made them more often. Power cuts can be a big hindrance to daily life and chores. Everything pauses when the power goes off. The luminous inverter at discount price is the solution to all your power cut problems. Power cuts won`t trouble you anymore. The luminous inverter is available for just Rs.3831. You get to save nearly Rs.2500. Use the special pepperfry coupon code APVU20PER to activate the offer. This luminous inverter at discount price is a fair deal. An inverter for such a reasonable amount is an excellent offer. The company is a new company that is doing wonders around. The efficiency of the machine is excellent. Get the luminous inverter at discount price today. Never will you face a power cut situation. Happy shopping!

Product Description:

In India, power cuts are a major problem. This inverter from Luminous will help you enjoy power back up 24*7. The product ┬ácomes with an intelligent thermal management. It ensures that you get better and longer power life in case the cuts are longer. The circuit protection has been introduced in the product. It protects your expensive electrical devices. It resets automatically in case of low or high load. Advanced battery life gives it an edge. Luminous Customer Care Number – 1800 103 3039 / 1860 500 3939.
Colour Multicolor.
Warranty 1 Year Manufacturer Warranty.
Pack Content Main Unit, Warranty Card & Manual.

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