Luminous Ion Sine Wave Inverter 1500 VA for Rs 6839 from Pepperfry

Sonali Singh

Have those sudden power cuts been annoying you for long? Do you get stuck in amidst of your work when power goes off? Well all the worries have been addressed smartly. Designing the best fuel and energy efficient Inverter for you. Luminous brings smart Ion sine wave 1500 VA inverter. Showcased on, it comes to you only at Rs 6,839/- Check the details of Luminous Ion Sine Wave inverter and get all the unlimited comfort.

How to get Luminous Ion Sine Wave inverter?

  1. Shop to get the Luminous Ion Sine Wave inverter here.
  2. Use coupon code: PEP10ACT to get discount.
  3. Click on BUY NOW.

Luminous Ion Sine Wave Inverter

Pure sine wave technology is a new intelligent technology. Working best for the Indian homes, it is highly energy efficient. Luminous has amalgamated this technology with the inverters. Hence producing the best inverters that would light up your houses. To pin down summers mostly are torturous. And in terms of heat, they exhaust you. Imagine the sudden and long power cuts exacerbating the situation. Your kids have an exam next day or its your important meeting. A short function in your family or friends call over. With black outs in your house, it is just impossible to deal.

Generators or dynamos aren’t much of a relief. The noise levels associated with them is mind jarring. Get the super relief in these situations. Luminous inverter with the Ion sine Wave technology is the choice. Get the inverter now to get the peaceful sleep in the burning hot summers. It can be maintained free of hassle. With its long back-up capacity you can sit relaxed in your homes. It can light up 10 tube lights and 8 fans during a duration. Worthy of an investment, the Lumious inverter is a must have.

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Rs 6839