Macoro Black Formal Shoes at Rs 549 Only

Sowmya Nair

Half your ‘I don’t want to go to work today’ cribbing will be reduced if you are dressed to kill. Crisp branded shirt with well fitting trousers and an amazing lightweight black formal shoes to go with it – yes, that is a look to look out for!

Buy Macoro Black Formal Shoes for just Rs. 549. The original price of this pair is Rs. 639! Let these shoes be the reason for you to go to work everyday!

How to buy Macoro Black Formal Shoes at Rs. 549:

  1. Buy Macoro Black Formal Shoes from
  2. Click on BUY NOW.
  3. Apply coupon code MCORO350 to get this for Rs. 549!

Don’t let lousy shoes drag you down. Buy Macoro Black Formal Shoes at a dream price of Rs. 549. Formal shoes generally cost a great deal. Every time you buy a pair of shoes, a big chunk of your paycheck goes there. Now is your chance to buy it at a great price!

What are the features you should look for in a pair of formal shoes? Most important, we think, is the comfort factor. Is it soft inside, are you comfortable walking around in it? Face it, you are going to spend almost 10 hours in this. Comfort is key! Second would be the design itself. Is the design interesting? Or is it usual and boring? With these Macoro Black Formal Shoes you can easily be convinced about the first two features. Next comes the price factor – Are you to spend two weeks’ or more pay on a pair of shoes? Well, why should you. When there’s a deal that can offer you a classy pair at a great price, why spend more unnecessarily?

So, in a nutshell, this Macoro Black Formal Shoes has all what you expect out of a pair of shoes that will come a long way. Simply buy it and show it off!

3 Responses to “Macoro Black Formal Shoes at Rs 549 Only”

  1. Abhidi

    guys black formal boots….are you able to provide me sources plus images, to precisely that is the greatest 1?

  2. I’m going to an 18th tonight. I’m 16. Can i wear skinny beige chinos along with a light blue shirt with formal boots, or do i wear black skinny jeans with all the shirt???!?!? It’s virtually time to leave thus please rush, 10 points for the greatest answer!!!!

  3. Guys i am searching for new semi formal boots nevertheless all these branded boots are too costly for me could u recommend me an area where i may purchase advantageous boots for cheaper rate.

    or Branded on discount cost please by the i reside inside bangalore. thus pls tell places near in Bangalore.


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