Great magazine offers- Get Flat 30% Off At Readwhere


Love reading magazines? Get great magazine offers only at Readwhere. Whether it’s fashion, travel, news, sports or automobiles you can find magazines from every category at ReadWhere. Browse through older issues or catch up with the latest issue for a nominal fee. Now with these magazine offers you can get flat 30% on digital subscription to all major categories of magazines. Read Bollywood gossip, sports, lifestyle, fashion, travel, fitness and other categories at discounted rates.

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How to get flat 30% off at ReadWhere:

  1. Go to ReadWhere.
  2. Select the magazine of your choice.
  3. Apply the coupon code Deal30C58C2D during subscription checkout.
  4. Enjoy flat 30% discount on digital subscription.

A digital subscription is a convenient way to read your favourite magazines, saves paper and also keeps magazines in a storable form. Avoid waiting for your local shop to stock any magazine with these magazine offers. Read everything online for a low fee. Browse through tons of categories. These include food, travel, fashion and a lot more. Read from the comfort of your laptop, phone or tablet. Sync your subscriptions across devices. Also find content in many major languages including Hindi, English, Marathi, Gujarati etc. Get great magazine offers online to save on subscription.


Readwhere is a Global Reading and Publishing Hub. It is a Free platform for Publishers and readers across the globe.

The Readwhere publisher allows publishers worldwide to upload their publications, using a web based interface and publish the same for distribution over web, mobile and tablet devices.

Readwhere platform provides easy content digitization and monetization online.

USP of Readwhere

  • You can read popular newspapers, magazines, comics, books and journals on Web, Mobile & Tablet platforms
  • Readwhere offers a cloud based reading & subscription solution to your favorite content online.
  • You can download the newspapers, magazines, books etc. for offline reading, browse from multiple categories in different languages.
  • Sync your online library to all your devices.
  • Using the content and language filters, you can easily find content in English, Hindi, Punjabi, Malayalam, Gujarati, Marathi, besides many others.


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  1. Narpati

    I have tons of different magazine subs plus i wanna keep a few of interesting infos from them thus it’s kinda difficult for me to only toss them away. I even considered the digital structure however, i occasionally like flipping thru pages. On the different hand,i like to protect room plus avoid clutter. Can we please share the smart techniques to create advantageous utilize of the publications or what’s a preference– paper or digital copy?


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