Masticart Coupon Code – Rs. 300 OFF and Rs. 100 OFF

Sowmya Nair

Masticart is celebrating their birthday week long. Good for us! What does this mean? This means its time for Masticart Coupon code! Use Masticart coupon code BDAY100 to get Rs. 100 off on a purchase of over Rs. 300 and BDAY300 to get Rs. 300 off on a purchase of over Rs. 1000.

Wait no longer. Make use of the Masticart coupon code and be a smart shopper! Happy Birthday Masticart!

How to get Masticart Coupon Code – Rs. 300 OFF and Rs. 100 OFF:

Masticart Coupon Code

  1. Buy Masticart products
  2. Use Masticart coupon code BDAY100 to get Rs. 100 off on purchase over Rs. 300
  3. Use Masticart coupon code BDAY300 to get Rs. 300 off on purchase over Rs. 1000

NOTE: Masticart charges has a Fixed rate of Rs. 25 for Shipping

Masticart is a pure women eccentric portal catering to everything women needs from Fashion and Accessories to Home Appliances or Beauty Products to Baby Care. So ladies, buckle up. Get to some serious shopping. Buy off all that’s there on your ‘To buy’ list. Masticart – The Ultimate online shopping site for Women has the extensive collection of Branded Beauty and Fashion products, Art Jewelry, Home Decor, Apparels and Baby & Mother care and much more.Masticart provides you with a sea of options to choose from with more than 20,000 quality products and around 500 brands!

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Knife Set- 5 Pieces Teflon Coated by RKM

Masticart Coupon Code

Avoid kitchen hazards caused by low quality knives. Invest in a professional knives set.

Knife Set – 5 pieces by RKM has a set of 5 teflon coated non-stick knives. Its easy to handle and easier to clean. No more cutting yourself.  These knives are great for chopping, slicing, fileting, sushi and more. The set is LDA/LFGB approved and is safe for use.

Use this knife set to quickly whip up meals and show people how u versatile and quick you are in the kitchen. Use this set once and you will never settle for anything less!

Original Price: Rs. 3500

You pay: Rs. 990

You save: Rs. 2,510

LED Candles Set of 3 by RKM

Say no to boring lights. How about LED candles? Fancy, isn’t it? This LED candles set of 3 by RKM can be operated with a remote control, is made of real wax. These candles will last a long time!

Masticart Coupon Code


  •  Made of Real Wax. Gives the Real Candle effect without smoke
  •  Can be used year after year.
  •  Perfect for self use or Gifting !

Actual Price: Rs. 1,950

You Pay: Rs. 855

You Save: Rs. 1,095


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