Casio A724 Analog Chronograph Mens Watch at Lowest Price | Rs. 2,704/-


What is a Analog Chronograph watch for all those who do not know? A chronograph is a watch with hands that display hours, minutes and seconds, together. An analogue chronograph is one, which shows both time and stopwatch functions with analogue hands. In analogue chronographs the centre key dial shows the time keeping functions while the three sub-dials in general show the stopwatch function.  Buy the Casio A724 Mens watch at lowest price. Now days these are the kind of watches men want to wear. Just available at Rs 2704/- at

How to buy Casio A724 Mens watch at lowest price:-

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A multi purpose watch that serves more than one feature at a time. The use of a simple watch that displays time or even for that matter watches that display two things that is time and date are no more in fashion. They are the old style. With the developments in technology the mechanism of the watches have also taken a fast growth. Thus now these kind and many more other complex watches have come in vogue. After telling you about its features you can imagine how much would these kind of watch cost. The price of the CasioA724 is Rs.3795. When you purchase this online or from any vendor outside you can get a maximum discount of 5% thus you end up paying Rs.3605. But when you buy from Mens watch at lowest price you can redeem the coupon code. Use coupon code SAVING25 on your payment and get an extra 25% off. Now you can buy this watch for only Rs.2704. Talking of its features. This watch is a brown strap watch. It has a white dial. The strap is of leather material. It acts as a water resistant watch for a 50 meters depth. The glass material of the dial is made up of mineral. The watch movement is of quartz. Nothing can be better than this company. This watch weighs only 200 grams. Buy this watch and wear it. Once worn you will be asked by several colleagues, friends, family members of yours etc. about this watch. Simply an elegant and a stand out watch from Casio.

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