Micra Induction Cooker with Free Kadhai for Rs 949 Only – 68% OFF

Sonali Singh

Heat! Flames! and suffocation in your kitchen? Do you find  yourself burning in the kitchen daily? Ladies !! now equip your kitchen with all new and latest technology to ease your harnessing. Brought to you by Shopclues, Micra Induction Cooker with Free Kadhai for Rs 949 only at a discount of 68%!

How to get Micra Induction Cooker and free Kadhai.?

Well, now get an intellectual cooking assistant to ease you out of your kitchen work. Micra Induction Cooker is all the solution you need. Now just worry about the L.P.G if it gets finished one fine day all of sudden. Just pick your Micra Induction Cooker and work your ways. Ladies! amaze your husbands, children and anyone that comes to your home. Be it guests, relatives, friends or anyone. Prove yourself to be a smart, tech-savvy lady who belongs to this very era of technology. And why only ladies?, when we talk of this era, then this is the era when anyone can cook- men or women. So, catering to your needs like a loyal friend Micra Induction cooker is a muti-faceted and a multi-functional kitchen equipment. Armed with smart digital LED display, Micra Induction Cooker has over 95% thermal efficiency and its temp ranges from 0-270 degrees. Utilizing 220-240V, Micra Induction Cooker indicates all the power consumed and keeps you updated. And this smart working Micra Induction Cooker comes with an amazing offer of a discount of 78%, and you also get a smart kadhai free.

Product Details:

Micra Induction Cooker ( ISO )

  • Features:

* The Complete Solution for Cooker
* Intellectual cooking assistent
* 24 hours for timer and 3 hours for preset.
* Digitle LED Display
* Temperature range from 0-270 degree.
* Over 95% Thermal Efficiency
* 8 Devices Self- testing Protection
* MODEL NO : H 56
* WATTS : 2000 W
* VOLTAGE : 220-240V 50/60Hz
* PACKING SIZE: 310X85X405mm
* Key press control
* 4- digital display
* Indicating power consumption
* Multi- function

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