Micro USB OTG Cable at Rs. 38 – Flat 84% OFF

Sowmya Nair

Is your smartphone’s micro USB port causing you much trouble? Are you not able to read pendrives, card readers, etc? Worry not! Here’s something that can help you. Micro USB OTG Cable! Now you can connect this cable to transfer data between device with ease. Just one cable and your work is done! The Micro USB OTG cable is made of 100% copper with excellent shielding.

Buy Micro USB OTG Cable at Rs. 38 from Shopclues.com. At a flat 84% discount, a wonder cable at this price is not something you would want to miss.

How to buy Micro USB OTG Cable at Rs. 38 – Flat 84% OFF:

Micro USB OTG Cable

  1. Buy Micro USB OTG Cable from Shopclues.
  2. Click on BUY NOW

This cable can be attached to a USB Mouse, Keyboard, USB Hard Disk, Pen drive… anything you can think of really. This simply means you can transfer your favorite songs and listen all the time, transfer photos and keep them safe. Important data files can be moved to your phone and carried around wherever you go. This Micro USB OTG Cable works with almost all android smartphones and tablets. You can even connect this cables to some of the Nokia N-series phones as well. Pretty cool, isn’t it?

Product Description:

Excellent adapter cable that allows you to connect a usb device
Good quality 100% copper
High quality copper conductors with excellent shielding
Compatible with smart phones which support the usb otg function
Can be used to attach USB Mouse, USB Keyboard, USB Hard Disk, Pen Drive etc

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