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You deserve the best and that is why we bring the best deals on the best products only for you. MicroMax A116 Canvas HD on ebay has the best deal which can save your precious money. Ebay has one of the best deals available in market when it is compared to Indiatimes shopping. Ebay has priced it on a modest rs 14.290 but Indiatimes shopping has priced it to rs 15, 350.

How to buy MicroMax A116 Canvas HD at Rs 13290?

  1. View the saver to buy MicroMax A116 Canvas HD.
  2. Click on “buy it now” button and fill in your details.
  3. Place your order by entering coupon code EBAYMOB001.

Price Comparison:

Flipkart : Rs 13899.

More Options at TheMobileStore.

MicroMax A116 Canvas HD on ebay is the successor to the company’s popular budget phablet (large screen phones that are thought of to be a phone-tablet hybrid), the A110 Canvas 2. The company has bestowed the phone with an HD screen,placed a quad-core chip below the hood and doubled the on-board RAM. The phone was proclaimed in January, however created its debut around ten days back.It is generating a good response among new and potential customers thus clocking in 9000 unit sales in a very day. Therefore does the Canvas HD live up to the hype? We tend to try and establish.

On initial look, the MicroMax A116 Canvas HD appearance is a lot of like an enlarged version of the Samsung Galaxy Nexus. In contrast to its precursor, the Canvas 2, whose style resembled that of the Samsung Galaxy Note 2/Galaxy SIII. However, despite sporting a 5-inch screen, the phone looks compact compared to the Canvas 2.

On nearer review, the front of the phone is black in color, whereas the rear is white. Looking from the perimeters, it offers the impression that the phone bears both colors since the removable back cover does not simply cover the rear and extends to the perimeters. The dual-colour style idea is interesting as it is attention grabbing.

The screen forms the most important a part of the front and also the edge is, thankfully, abundantly thinner than that of the Canvas a pair of. The 3 capacitive navigation buttons sit below the screen, whereas the earphone (also black in colour), notification light, and also the front facing camera, are situated on top of the screen.



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MicroMax A116 Canvas HD