Micromax LED TV 20KB22 20 inch at Rs 8519 – 18% Off


Micromax led tv 2okb22 (20 inch) LED is the latest technology, it comes with an excellent picture quality with more mega dynamic contrast ratio,thinner set only 1.2 inch and 40% less power consumption than LCD .It is a great brand, Micromax led tv 2oKB22  comes with better features and cheaper price. Save 18% on this exclusive deal.

  1. Buy Micromax led tv 20KB22 20 INCH  for Rs 8519
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Not an idiot box anymore. With technology advancing at breakneck speed, 2013 is all set to witness a revolution in television viewing. Thanks to progressive reduction in prices and increasing quality of technology available,Most of us hold onto our televisions for several years — seven years or more according to some market research. So you want to get the best picture you can afford since it’s going to be sitting in your living room for a long time. Meanwhile,you can have a look at (micromax led tv 20KB22(20 INCHES ), by as much as 25 percent last year in some segments of the market. So the temptation is to wait for even lower prices. However, now may just be the right time — why don’t you just pick up Micromax led tv 20 INCH KB22 .But what about new and  supposedly better TV formats  that are coming? Won’t that make current TV sets obsolete?

So this may be the ideal time to get a deal on a led TV.Indeed, most TV makers are now focusing on price and convenience, rather than snazzy new features like 3D, which went over like a lead balloon. So getting a new TV now doesn’t mean that you also have to pay to upgrade the rest of your home theater equipment.Now u can buy this TV in easy six installments
With high-definition digital entertainment options available at the click of a button, watching a movie at home will be as good as visiting the multiplex. Add to the mix the versatility of the internet, and what we have is complete convergence of all the components that make up the personal entertainment space. Everything from you tube  to Skype is set to be available on TV screens, transforming the so-called idiot box into a one-stop entertainment hub.

Product description

  • ZERO DOTS LED technology
  • excellent resolution display
  • low power consumption
  • 5band equalizer
  • ultra-low power consumption
  • Plug & play option with woofer output, Audio/video input-output
  • They’ll ensure a quick and easy installation for your TV.
  • Installation service is free and will be provided by the manufacturer. Please contact their customer support team stand give details about your purchase at Toll Free Number-18605008899



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