Microtek 610 VA UPSEB Inverter at Flat 44% Off – Rs 3111 Only


Any house can be decked up with electronic items but what if your expensive refrigerator or your fancy lighting items start to fluctuate. Won’t it harm the performance and life of costly home gadgets? Pepperfry.com brings you respite from these troubling issues by getting Microtek 610 VA UPSEB Inverter that ensures all your expensive products are suitably protected from any form of harmful voltage fluctuations. This Microtek inverter is easy to use and maintain. The best part is that it automatically switches on and supports three fans and four tube lights. So no more worrying on power back up issues. Just sit back and enjoy watching TV when lights go off.

How to get this Inverter at discounted price of Rs 3111?

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  2. Select this product and add it to shopping cart.
  3. Proceed to checkout and make payment.

Microtek 610 VA UPSEB Inverter - Rs. 3111

This power-friendly Microtek 610 VA UPSEB Inverter comes at Flat 44% Off – Rs 3111 only from Pepperfry.com.

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Rs 5590
Rs 3111