Microwave Safe Food Storage Containers-Set Of 10 at Rs 557


Tradus.com brings for your contemporary kitchen a smart option to be added. It brings microwave safe food storage containers which is a set of 10. The air-tight microwave containers help you store food better and keep it fresh for a longer time. The material of the food containers is polypropylene which is the best to store and keep food. You can easily warm your food in the microwave and enjoy the delectable food anytime. The break-free containers are easy to handle and are beautiful to shelf. These are multi-purpose containers that have different shape and size and hence can be used effectively. These are 100% freezer safe too and hence come with a flexible lid. Check out the details and make your orders for a modish kitchen now.

How to get this Microwave Safe Food Storage Containers-Set Of 10 at discounted price of Rs 557?

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Microwave Safe Food Storage Containers-Set Of 10 at Rs 557
These look very regal when stored and showcased in your kitchen and come to you only for Rs 557/-.

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Rs 899
Rs 557