Milagrow SuperBot Robotic Floor Cleaners |Rs9000-Flipkart SBI CC Offer


Now enjoy the ease of cleaning your floor in a quickest possible way by Milagrow SuperBot Robotic Floor Cleaners at just Rs 9000 available at keeping with the constantly changing lifestyle of the modern citizen, cleaning the house has now become a chore rather than a way of life. This has led to the requirement of domestic helps who are hired to clean the house. With theMilagrow Robotic Floor cleaner, this will never be a cause for concern. Cleaning up the dust and grime in the house can be quite a task for most of the employed fraction of the population. This is why the Milagrow SuperBot Floor cleaner is such a hit. The automatic robot is capable of cleaning the entire house over a wide range of surfaces by itself.

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Milagrow SuperBot Robotic Floor Cleaners

Key Features :

  • Robotic Charging
  • Robotic Scheduling
  • Robotic Obstacle Detection
  • Robotic Stair Detection

The Milagrow SuperBot Robotic Floor cleaner can charge itself as well when it runs low on power and can also recognize obstacles and stairs. The robot uses a 14.4 V Ni-MH battery to power it and comes with a capacity of 1500 mAh. The suction power generated by the Vacuum is 3 W and can use a 3 way robotic cleaning feature. The circular robotic cleaner has a set of buttons on its surface which allows you set its programming functions. It has a base clearance of about 2 cm which is convenient in allowing it to clean even under most pieces of furniture and traverse over a wide range of surfaces.

The robotic Floor cleaner by Milagrow comes with a charging time of about 4 to 6 hours to reach full capacity. TheDocking styled charger makes it convenient for the SuperBot to charge itself when its power level comes down. The device comes with auto scheduler that allows you to set the time and frequency of cleaning. This device is highly useful as it allows busy people to maintain a clean house.

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