Milton Econa 3 Container Tiffin and Kishco Tea Spoon 6 Pcs @ Rs.504

Sowmya Nair

Are you eating out everyday? If yes, that is more harmful than you think. Wake up an hour ahead of time and make the effort to pack your lunch. Eating homemade food is the safest and healthy way. Invest in Milton Econa 3 Container Tiffin set and eat healthy everyday.

No more heartburn and acidity! The Milton Econa 3 Container Tiffin set keeps your food warm and fresh for many hours. And it’s virtually unbreakable! This compact lunch set is easy to carry around and can carry sufficient amount of food for one person. How about rotis/rice, a curry and vegetable salad? Or even cut fruits? Now that can be a complete sumptuous meal!

How to buy Milton Econa 3 Container Tiffin and Kishco Tea Spoon 6 Pcs:

Milton Econa 3 Container Tiffin

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Buy Milton Econa 3 Container Tiffin set from FutureBazaar at just Rs. 399. The original price is Rs. 520. You save Rs. 121!

Another deal we think will go with this is the Kishco Tea Spoon 6 Pcs set from FutureBazaar. You have a nice tiffin set, how about enough spoons to go with it? At Rs. 105, we think, this 6 Pcs spoon set is a good buy!

Product Description:

Milton Econa 3 Container Tiffin

About the Brand
Hamilton stands as one of the first companies to venture into the Indianconsumer goods market. From its humble inception to a company of such stature, the company has an infinite number of content & satisfied customers.developed into a brand of trusted repute withFresh Ideas Better Life The milton range of products comprises of household utility items that have become the pride of every home.products are high on function & sytle, and are positioned at cost effective prices to suit the requirements of the consumers.milton is a trusted name across india and enjoys a steadily growing brand loyalty.

3 container tiffin, ideal for office use
Keeps food piping hot for long hours.
Durable & virtually unbreakable.
Easy to carry and use
Easy to use
Hygeinic and odourless
Made from food grade virgin plastic.
Price is for 1 Econa II with 3 containers

Capacity:3 Containers

Colour : Assorted

Quantity: 1 Unit

Kishco Tea Spoon 6 Pcs

Contains one set of 6 pieces of stainless steel spoons (Tea spoon).
From Kishco brand a Trinity regular product.
Type : Tea spoon

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