Mini T Handle Set by Bosch-Skil 36 Pieces Set now at Rs 759 Only

Sonali Singh

HomeShop18 is an online stop for people of all age. People of all needs and wants. The online market showcases the best of products that range from anything to everything. Be it a jazzy pick of salwar kameez for girls or a hunky tee for men. Be it the best smartphone in the market or any kitchen appliance. You get anything that is of less or big utility. Helping you shop better and with massive savings, you get the very precised product. This time bringing Mini T Handle Set that consists of 36 pieces and is brought to you at Rs 759/- only. Check out details and get the product now.

How to get the Mini T Handle Set?

  1. Shop to get the Mini T Handle Set on
  2. Apply Coupon Code: HKBOSCHSAVE to get discount.
  3. Click on BUY NOW.

Price Comparison:

Mini T Handle Set

Now be the smart mechanics and masters of your own. When you have those urgent crisis of anything non-functioning, dash off worries. Catering to all your repairing, bending and fixing needs. The best Mini T Handle Set from Bosch is a 36 piece set which provides you a multiple options. Perfectly matching your need, you get all kind of tools in house. Without the rush to visit a mechanic, you get mended things in minutes.

The set is made from stainless steel and rubber. It is highly robust and tough and can be used in home as well as by professionals. This one comes with 26 precision bits, 6 sockets and 2 adaptors. The set comes in red and black color. Check out the details to get the product now. Highly useful and versatile kit is an all time purpose kit. Keep the kit in your house to repair anything when you need.

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Rs 1050
Rs 759