Mini USB Electric Vibrating Body Massager at Rs. 125

Sowmya Nair

Suffering from aches and pains after a stressful day at work? Here’s something to make you feel good! How many thousands do you spend every month on body massage? Spend no more! Keep this Vibrating Massager handy and save yourself a whole lot of aches.  The freely sliding massager can be used to ease tensed nerves and promote blood circulation. And overall offer you relaxation. Especially useful for people suffering from Motility Muscle Strain. The Mini USB Body Massager is very small and can be carried along even while you travel. The massager works on 3 × “AAA”(7#) alkaline batteries.

How to buy Mini USB Electric Body Massager for Rs. 125:

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  3. Click on BUY NOW
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Mini massager Product in Detail:

  • Promote blood circulation
  • Relax the whole body
  • Ease nervous nerve
  • Arbitrarily massaging any part in body
  • Fashion design, modern design, attractive design, small exquisite, and convenient to be taken. and it can be used anytime and anywhere.
  • Freely sliding in the whole body, and arbitrarily massaging any part like back, chest and leg etc.
  • Helping users relax the whole body, ease nervous nerve, and promote blood circulation.
  • The middle-aged and the old
  • The people who are suffering from Motility muscle strain

Caution before you use USB Mini Massager:

  • Don’t put it in water or place with potential danger.
  • Take out the batteries after using.
  • Keep it away from fire or item with high temperature
  • It’s not professional massager for muscle please don’t use it as medical device
  • It is designed for daily using.

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  1. Baneet

    do you have deal from rediff?
    i have coupon code and want to use it now.


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Rs 125