Mitashi Playsmart Quizzy Educational Laptop for Kids at Rs 1150

Sonali Singh

Help your kids get smarter and brighter. Give them the real treat of fun that would also help them grow intellectually. Keep your naughty one engaged in Mitashi Playsmart Quizzy Educational laptop. Help him know his abilities when he learns to explore the tech world with smart Educational laptop. Brought to you by, Mitashi Playsmart Educational Laptop at Rs 1150/- only. Check out the details now and make your first order.

How to get Mitashi Playsmart Quizzy Educational Laptop?

  1. Shop to get thisĀ Educational Laptop onAmazon.inĀ here.
  2. Click on and Add to Cart.
  3. Make the payment and you are done.

Mitashi Playsmart Quizzy Educational Laptop

The brilliantly designed educational laptop for kids is visually very rich. With very catchy mix of colors, it looks smart and cute at the same time. It is highly compact and handy to carry. The green keys on white background of the keyboard makes it look quirky. The mouse too is very comfortable to use. The screen does a lot of talking as it is very interactive. The Quizzy Educationl laptop is very ideal for kids of age group 4-10 years. Having a very positive effect on the mental development of kids, it is loaded with learning activities. It has 25 learning activities and games to keep young minds engaged.

The eye catching animation will make the sessions fun all the more. Armored with LED back-lit display, player games and amazing sound effects. As the laptop is interactive, it has a very ear-soothing voice. Running on 3 x AA batteries, it has a 6 months warranty. It has letter functions, math, music and game functions. Spellings, notes, numbers and a lot more to lure your kid. Loaded with small but creative games like dropping, match box, firing, wrong run and painting. Giving an enjoyable grooming session for your kid.

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Rs 1150