Moser Baer Pendrive 16 Gb swivel at Rs 535 Only


Why won’t you be happy when you get a Moser Baer Pendrive 16GB swivel at Rs 535 only? And wait, not just any pendrive but a Moser Baer Pendrive swivel at Rs 535 which can hold upto 16 Gb data!

Moser Baer Pendrive at rs 535
Moser Baer Pendrive at rs 535

How to buy Moser Baer Pendrive 16GB at Rs 535?

  1. View the deal at Tradus.
  2. Click on the “buy” button.
  3. Fill in necessary details and place your order.

In the age of light travelling, fast transfers and lightyear speed communications, we need to cope up. Well, we are not suggesting you to travel space for that. Simply keep this Moser Baer Pendrive at Rs 535 to keep all your data transfers simple and fast. You can buy Moser Baer Pendrive swivel at Rs 535 after a price reduction from the initial rate of rs 2000. There are two wholesale offers: You can choose Moser Baer Pendrive at Rs 535 or Moser Baer Pendrive at Rs 564.

Its Data transfer rate is at 480 MBits/sec-(compliant to USB 2.0 specification). It is a conveniently portable and secure mass storage device that can be used for business purposes and also office use. So make the process of transfer and storage easy and quick with the Moser Baer USB Drive 16 GB Swivel.

Product details:

Brand Moser Baer
Form Factor Standard Flash Drive
Interface USB 2.0
Pen Drive Type Utility Pendrive
Read Rate 10-12mbps
Storage Capacity 16 GB
Transfer Rate 8mbps
Warranty 2 Year Manufacturer Warranty
Color Dual Tone White & Red
Size 89 x 132 x 11 mm
Compatibility Compatible with Windows
Product Weight (g) 50

Lets see what the experts have to say on Moser Baer Pendrive:

Moser Baer has always delighted the users with its futuristic innovations and terrific products. Its 16GB pen drive is all set to carry forward the legacy. This is a stylish looking, secure and portable mass storage device for professional and personal uses. With its micro size and huge storage capacity, it promises to be your loyal companion in this digital world. Its full compliance with USB2.0 and v1.1, ensures that it can be used to share data with almost all the compatible devices. The plug and play connection ensures that you need not to waste time copying your videos before watching. The enormous storage capacity complemented with an unmatched high data transfer rate, gives it an edge over its competitors. It is a completely USB bus powered device and doesn’t need any external power source or a battery. With brilliant features and an economical price tag it?s a great product to buy. The 5 years warranty from Moser Baer seals the trust. A great peace of mind and perfect value for money.

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