Woodline Premium Multi-Purpose Foldable Laptop Table | Flat 51% Off


Woodline Premium Multi-purpose Foldable Laptop Table is made of high quality pine wood for a prolonged life span. This table comes with a mahogany finish polish for a shiny appearance. It occupies less space and can be easily folded and carried along. There are air cooling vents to keep laptop cool during its operation. A storage compartment is also provided to keep accessories like mobile phones. This table offers an ideal position to work comfortably for long hours. In fact, it can be used for keeping laptops and food items. One can also use it for study purpose and or as a coffee table.

How to buy Woodline Premium Multi-Purpose Foldable Laptop Table:

Key Description : Woodline Premium Multi-Purpose Foldable Laptop Table:

BRAND Multi-Purpose
Multipurpose Foldable laptop table.
High Quality Solid Wood.
19.5×11.5×7.5 Inches (LxBxH).
  • High quality Solid wood used.
  • Can be used for laptop, study, Play, food etc.
  • Portable, foldable, Space saver, comfortable.
  • Pine Wood and and mahogany finish polish.

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