Multifunction Seat Massager for Home and Car from Naaptol at Rs 2499

Sonalee Sarkar

Want a massage regularly to keep your body relaxed but do not have the time? The time has refrained you from all relaxation benefits? Then now be relaxed each time you are travelling either for a journey, or to office or for some normal car drive. How? Use the easy to fit multifunction seat massage rthat fits well into your car and gives you all the comforts that you want. You can also use this massager at your home to give you the relaxation benefits even when you on the go. Avail for this at discounted price of Rs.2499 from

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Multifunction Seat Massager for Home and Car from Naaptol at Rs 2499
Equipped with features like programmable hand control, you can enjoy a customized massage as per your convenience. Power-packed with 6 massage devices, 8 various massage vibration mode,magnetic progress therapy with multi-timer selection, this seat massager for home and car can be placed on chairs and can be transformed into a super healing massage chair. Now you can choose any spot to relax yourself.

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Rs 3999
Rs 2499