Sony SRS-D9 2.1 Channel Multimedia Speakers at Best Price of Rs 4,250

Cromaretail store is offering Multimedia Speakers at Best Price of Rs. 4,250/-. These speakers are a perfect combination of desgin with great functionality. It as an excellent quality of audio output that anyone would enjoy.


How to Get Multimedia Speakers at Best Price? 

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These speakers are the kind which every music freak should have. They have a an audio outcome that would make your friends jealous at your home parties. They would take your enjoyment to the next level. Multimedia Speakers at Best Price have a speaker symtem of 2.1ch. They give 60W RMS of power. The speakers would give you realistic sound effects while you watch those horror movies. With the USB input you can easily play songs from your mobile.These speakers are magnetically-shielded speaker system. They’re compatible with both TV and computers. It gives a power output of 15 watts + 15watts. Even the external media outputs can be easily played with the USB cable. This system has 2 main speakers and a powerful subwoofer. These speakers come with an AC adaptor, AC power cord, Audio cable with stereo mini plug, Audio cable and operation instructions.

So if you’re a kind of person who loves to sit back and enjoy music than these speakers are made for you. They would enhance your music experience even more. Get them now for just Rs. 4,250 from Dealstan is one platform where you can get number of such good deals. They provide products at a very low price and give information about deals that are available on other shopping portals. So if you like shopping then Dealstan is the place for you. Dealstan is the land of deals.


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Rs 4,250