My First Mommy Bag ( Baby Essential ) at Rs 1575 – Flat 10% Off

Sonali Singh

What is there about babies, that makes everyone kiss them, hug them, cuddle them and fondle them? Even the stone-hearted soul succumbs to their sanctity? It is their purity, innocence and the unrelated adorability that maks everyone their fans. Well, to sum up the joy of a having a baby is quite impossible. It is the highly delightful feeling that is insurmountable for every parent. The journey of gradual transition of those tiny cells into a life is majestic. Making it special all the more, brings for you ‘My First Mommy Bag’ with all the baby essentials that is a perfect grooming kit for your baby.

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Mommy Bag

Now get all the baby essentials packed in one. ‘My first Mommy Bag’ is the complete kit that will take care of your baby’s entire needs. The bag is large enough to accommodate all the things required for the care of your baby. It comes with ample space in the inside to store all your baby essentials. There are three pockets on the inside and two on the outside. The look of ‘My First Mommy Bag’ is also very catchy.

The bag comes with one pack each of : Small size diaper, A diaper changing mat, A pack of wipes (20 count), Diaper Rash cream (20 gms), Baby cream (50 gms), Baby Powder (50 gms), Baby Oil (100 ml), Body wash & Shampoo(100 ml). The bag is easy to carry and you do not have to worry about the hassle of changing your baby’s nappy while you are out. The outer body of the bag is made of velvet with a plastic lining inside and is washable. It is a perfect need to be carried when ever you are travelling with your little angel.

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Mommy Bag
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