Nayasa Lunch Box for Rs. 200 from Pepperfry

Sowmya Nair

Struggling with Heartburn and Acidity? Have you been eating out often? No wonder! Hotel food, as exciting as it may seems, cannot be treated as an everyday arrangement. You tend to fall sick more often and that leads to permanent health problem. Avoid all this! Wake up earlier and make it a point to pack lunch to work. A Nayasa Lunch Box is a good option.

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How to buy Nayasa Lunch Box Rs. 200 from Pepperfry:

Nayasa Lunch Box

Buy Nayasa Lunch Box from Pepperfry for just Rs. 200. It’s a very small amount to pay for good health. Don’t you think? Save Rs. 115!

The Nayasa Lunch Box has 2 stainless steel lunch containers with air tight plastic lids enclosed in soft insulated pouch. This means food can be kept hot and fresh for long hours. We’ve all struggled with lunch boxes that end up spoiling food. Nayasa Lunch Box is made of food grade material and the sleek design fits easily in a bag or can be just carried around. Nayasa Lunch Box comes with two extra lids and a spoon.

Product Description:

Brand: Nayasa

Dimensions: 22*6*11.5cm

Pack Content: 1 Lunch Box

Material: Plastic

2 Responses to “Nayasa Lunch Box for Rs. 200 from Pepperfry”

  1. Dhyan

    Is there any place in Bangalore where I can find cheap dumbells. It need not be some branded dumbells. But i just want some simple and cheap ones….

  2. Bratindra

    I need to know what is the insulation in coolers and lunch boxes is made of for my science fair research. Please cite a source, because I need it for my bibliography.


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