Nayasa St/3 Viola Insulated Casserole Set at Cheapest Price of Rs. 999

Kajal Mehta

Homeshop18, yet again, has come up with something that will interest you. The eye-catching Nayasa St/3 Viola Insulated Casserole Set. It is worth every penny spent on it. Shop at reduced prices. Pick up the most supreme quality of products. Shop till you drop. Buy the effective Nayasa St/3 Viola Insulated Casserole Set at Rs.999 only. Buy Now.

How to buy the splendid Nayasa St/3 Viola Insulated Casserole Set:

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Nayasa St/3 Viola Insulated Casserole Set

Choose the one of a kind kitchen range that will add to your comfort. The main product comes with an insulated body. This comes with a plastic coating on the outside and steel on the inside. This feature allows you to handle the set without having any problems. You can handle it with ease even while the food is hot inside. The exclusive Serving Bowl set comes with a  Grip finish. This makes it safe for usage. There are no chances of it slipping from your hand. It is manufactured using non-toxic and food grade virgin plastic. These materials are of superior quality. It spells durability and longevity.

The set is absolutely BPA free. It will also not will not leach any phthalates into your food. The color is soothing for the eyes. It will add beauty to your kitchen. It also comes with a 6 Months against manufacturing defects to ease your tension. It keeps the food warm. It is easy to wash and clean due to the design. Designed using cutting edge technology. It would make a perfect gift for your loved one. It is very fashionable and trendy. Designed using the latest technology and style. So, why wait any further. Add charm to your kitchen today!


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Rs 1399
Rs 999