New Arrivals Mens Footwear from Zovi under Rs 499 – upto 30% Off

Kajal Mehta

From the house of Zovi grab the newly launched fashion shoes that changed the outlook of the fashion scene. The on ramp trends are now made available to you at pocket friendly prices. Yes guys, shopping for shoes just got better. These ace quality shoes are designed for the comfort of your soles. Add that zing in your step today! Grab the New Arrivals in Mens cool Footwear today. Shop exuberantly.

How to buy the New Arrivals in Mens Footwear that are cheap and cool:

  1. Go to New Arrivals Mens Footwear here.
  2. Add to Cart.
  3. Go to Buy Now.

Looking for the right pair of shoes that are comfortable and in vogue? You have landed on the right page. Pick the exquisitely designed shoes that breathe comfort amalgamated with the newest trends to suit your needs. Prices that fit your budget and looks that people dig for, these shoes are all that you need. Choose from the most vivid and eye catching colors. Change your personality and look cool and groovy.

Some Recommendations :

Get these Olive Denim Mid Top Casual Shoes for Rs.499 only.

New Arrivals Mens Footwear

Take a step with confidence and flair in a pair of shoes that don’t bite your wallet, nor your feet.

Get these Black And Red Mesh Sport Shoes for Rs.399 only.

New Arrivals Mens Footwear

Cool and comfortable shoes set the pace right for you. Here are black and red sports shoes with comfortable cushion for stress free active wear.

Get these Sky Blue Laced Heel Tab Casual Shoes fro Rs.499 only.

New Arrivals Mens Footwear

A mid cut pair, characterized with sky blue canvas, accentuated with white laces and stitch detailing, and lace and eyelets extended to the heel tab.

Get these Rin Blue Mid-cut Casual Sneakers for Rs.499 only.

New Arrivals Mens Footwear

These groovy shoes are best worn with denim attire and sunglasses under the sun.

Get these Mauve High Ankle Casual Shoes fro Rs.499 only.

New Arrivals Mens Footwear

This canvas shoe features shades of mauve on all over it with white print and red stitches on one side.

Get these White Sports Shoe With Navy And Green Accent fro Rs.499 only.

New Arrivals Mens Footwear

The shoes are also designed with maximum grip along the stylized soles.

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