New Supercell Nokia Bl-5b Battery for Mobile Phone at Rs 199 – 60% OFF


Do you speak for long hours on your phone? With your girlfriend? Or important office calls? Are there conversations where you cannot afford to get cut abruptly? Does your mobile phone switch off often? When you tend to speak a lot on phone, the battery drains off faster. Using a lowly charged battery might be dangerous to health as it releases harmful radiations to the brain. Charging the battery does not always solve this problem.

How to get Nokia Bl-5b Battery for Mobile phone at Rs.199:

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  2. Click on ‘add to cart’.

When the mobile phone is extensively used, the battery life decreases and the number of hours a fully charged battery can last decreases. When in times like these, it is essential to replace the battery with a new one. Continuing to use the old one might lead to bad performance by the mobile phone. More worse, the phone might get switched off in the middle of an important conversation.  New supercell comes up with an offer. Nokia Bl-5b Battery is now available at Rs.499, Rs.199 only.

We all know that batteries are expensive, in fact, any mobile phone accessory is expensive nowadays. Due to the increased use of mobile phones, the battery  discharges faster than usual. It is advisable to replace the battery when the life is low. Buy Nokia Bl-5b battery at 60% off. Nokia bl-5b battery, when used with it`s compatible mobile phone will give better battery life for longer duration of calls and text conversations.

Product Description:

Nokia Bl-5b battery.

Battery is brand new seal packed.

Provides excellent talk time backup. Premium quality. Longer battery Life.

Best Alternative for Original batteries.

Brand: Supercell.Maxpower/Indipower

Type: Li-ion

Capacity: 900mAh

Compatible with: Nokia 3220 3230 5140 5140i 5200 5300 5500 sport 6020 6021 6060 6070 6080 6101 6120 7260 7360 N80 N90

Packing: Sealed pack

Warranty: 6 months vendor replacement warranty.

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  1. Aadinath

    I was planning to get a battery pack and charger for my xbox 360 controllers but I was wondering if it’s worth and what the battery life is, or if it’s better to just get a battery charger and rechargeable AA batteries.


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