Greatly Priced Newly Launched Video Games from Amazon India

Sonali Singh

“All work and no play makes Jack a dull boy”, they said. Books can give your kids a pool of knowledge. But what about those edgy instincts that help one’s brain get sharper and faster? Apart from physical games, an activity hour that will give your kid a splash of technology. Help your kids get smarter instincts. And nothing could do this better than reflexive video games. brings a huge range of newly launched video games. Games based on latest movies, animations and a lot more. Check out details and get your kids a tech savvy surprise now.

How to get greatly priced video games?

  1. Shop for newly launched video games here.
  2. Browse, pick and click on Add to Cart.

Games on FIFA 14 world cup, Dance 2014 Kinect, Ghost Ricon trilogy, Prince of Persia. Diablo, Batman, Mafia II and hundreds more.

Some Recommendations of video games:

Assassin’s Creed IV: Black Flag (PC) Rs 1,999/- Engineered for adults, the game is a real tech treat. It can be run on various platforms like Windows 7/Vista/XP and 2000. Think yourself to be Captain Edward who is dynamic and charismatic and plays with swords.

video games 1

Grand Theft Auto IV (PC DVD) Rs 499/- Nothing could be a better offer than getting your favorite video game affordable price. Get this super thrilling theft game and feel yourself actually to be in the animated world.

video games 2

The Adventures of Tintin (Nintendo Wii) Rs 1,199/- Your naughty Tintin is back with a lot more fun and excitement.You do not have to miss your childhood excitement anymore. Get the fun reloaded with the adventures of Tintin.

video games 3

Sports Champions 2 (PS3) Rs 949/- Now enjoy the charm of many sports together. The game features Skiing, Tennis, Boxing, Golf, Bowling, and a fully thrilling Archery experience. Play all these with a never-ending excitement that will fill you with enthusiasm.

video games 4

Transformers: Fall of Cybertron (PS3) Rs 999/- This is a super fun that will take you to a world of animation. Enjoy this at your homes now.

video games 5



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