Nike Deo Combo for women at Rs. 550. Also get an additional 15% off!

Sowmya Nair

A fragrant deo is a must have for any woman. When you get a deal on a brand that’s acknowledged worldwide, like Nike, you simply jump up and take the chance!  Ladies, don’t miss out on this. Two interestingly different fragrances to suit your mood – fresh, intense and long lasting. Make your day a lot better by using this, smelling nice and turning heads. Now who doesn’t love to smell good and feel fresh all day? There’s pink hotness and blue freshness to choose from. This exotic combo is just what you want to spice up your daily life and also beat the summer sweat. Stay fresh, stay happy. Two fragrances, 200 ml each, just Rs. 550 – you are all set for a long time. Also, buy two fragrances and get an additional 15% off! Now that’s a deal over a deal. Why would you wait any longer. Great offers like this don’t stay too long nor do they come too often. Rush and grab the combo now! You are going to be one happy woman. Remember the saying about early birds and worms?


How to buy this Nike Up Down & Trendy Deo combo pack plus get 15% off:

  1. Go to
  2. Click on  BUY NOW
  3. No coupon code required

Details for Up Down & Trendy Deodorant Combo Pack

Deo Combo Pack of 2 deodorants for modern women out there. The fragrance of these deodorants is refreshing and enticing. Spray them on your pulse points and the fragrance will stay for a longer period of time.
Color: NA


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