Nike Sandals for Men HyperFloat Blue Sandals – Rs 1751


Nike sandals for men HYPERFLOAT BLUE SANDALS @ Rs 1751 onlyPacked with technological innovations and the latest styles, these Nike sandals are a must have. Wear these ultra light and comfortable floaters and be ready for spontaneous adventures and outdoor activities.


 How to Buy Nike Sandals for Men HyperFloat Blue Sandals @ Rs 1751

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Floaters are particularly noticeable when looking at a blank surface or an open space, such as blue sky. These blue floaters for men are must have add on to your footwear collection. super light n so so comfortable to wear, makes you feel that you are not walking on the regular road but water. They are so soft n soothing to eyes , perfect for the weather. So what if the summers are going, but monsoon is approaching, in fact monsoons have already hit the track, so its time for all you men to buy this,wear this and hit the track along.  Sometimes wearing shoes all the times become monotonous,for a change these Nike sandals for men HYPERFLOAT BLUE SANDALS are in such an amazing color which goes well with any kind of attire.  No need to wear shoes every time you go out for adventurous activity. Wear them feel alive. It can bear all kind of toughness with a soft look.

Product Description:

  • Open toed, sandals in blue with grey details with velcro closures.
  • Three straps and an elasticated ankle loop.
  • Synthetic upper with overlays and stitched detail, reinforced heel collar.
  • Footbed with grooves .
  • Tough rubber outsole with grooves.
  • Warranty: 6 months from date of purchase (not valid on products with more than 20% discount.

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  1. Nabeel

    I’m a young teenager man plus I got several doc marten sandals from a relative. Many men at school wear boots or flip flops, idk regarding mine, they are the sort worn inside the 90s.


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