Nike Sandals for Men Hyperfloat Khaki | Orange Floaters at Rs 1450

Kajal Mehta

Snapdeal enables you to access wide range of Nike Sandals for men Hyperfloat Khaki in various vivid colors. It confers upon you an exciting and incomparable shopping experience. Shop delightfully. Snapdeal provides you with the brand new Nike Sandals for men Hyperfloat Khaki at a discounted rate of only Rs.1450/-.

How to Buy Nike Sandals for men Hyperfloat Khaki |Orange Floaters at Rs 1450?

  1. Go to buy Nike Sandals for men Hyperfloat Khaki.
  2. Click on the Nike Sandals for men.
  3. Click on Buy Now.

Footwear is the most essential commodity for men and forms the criteria for character judgement. Nike Sandals for men Hyperfloat Khaki are very stylish and trendy. Made out of a very strong and sturdy material, it is long lasting and very durable. These could be worn to college, for a relaxed outing or even for a cup of coffee with friends. Nike Sandals for men would come very handy while venturing out on a holiday as well. They come with an extremely comfortable sole, giving your feet the much required gratifying rest.

Nike Sandals for men Hyperfloat Khaki are very cozy and easy to wear. They come in warm colors which are pleasing to look at. Nike is a world renowned brand is worthy of the name that it has built over the years. It is a feeling of pride to own a pair of nike. Nike Sandals Hyperfloat Khaki. Buy today!

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Product description:

Nike Sandals for men come with a strong sole and a good grip. Strappy floaters with a velcro closure. They are lightweight and durable.


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  1. Aashman

    Hello, thus I have a pair of Nike rubber slippers/sandals, black color, guys. Simply limited months aged. I wear them everywhere. Even into shower. So they look kinda older plus dirty today, yet I think just due to hardwater marks plus soap scum. Please lemme recognize how to remove the marks plus scum, whitish inside color. So which the rubber slippers/sandals look almost because superior because modern plus shiny. Thanks.


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