Nike Sandals For Men at Just Rs 1508 ONLY – 33% OFF!


Everytime you step out of your house and specially in today’s time when it’s raining cats and dogs outside, you get your precious shoes dirty in all the puddles and mud holes and every inch of dirt that spreads cross you. This is not healthy for your shoes. Not even slight. A shoe enthusiast would understand ( Yes, we have people who love shoes so much so that they are willing to do anything to save them even if it means not wearing them!). Hence, in the rainy days, what does comes forth to your rescue? Your sandals or floaters as they are know. These things are specially and specifically designed to tackle situations like these. The grip on them is tight hence you won’t slip on the slippery floor. Here is to never slipping again! Presenting Nike Sandals for men! For only Rs. 1,508! That is a whole 33% OFF! What are you sill doing here? Go and buy them out before anyone else does! Just a click away and brought to you by!

How to get the Nike Sandals for men at Just Rs. 1,508 – 33% OFF –

1. Buy the Nike Sandals for Men at Just Rs. 1,508 from right here.
2. Select your size and click on ‘BUY NOW‘.
3. Enter coupon code ‘SAVE20‘ at the time of payment to have these sandals at Rs. 1,508!

Nike has always been THE name when it has come to footwear, whether it be any footwear, sport or casual or, as in this case, floaters. Nike has provided with quality products time to time to the people and they haven’t let anyone down. And even you won’t feel down when you will experience the Nike Sandals for men! They are beautifully crafted and you will feel the thrust when you will wear them! That style and that look that cannot be copied anywhere else! Nike sandals for Men at just Rs. 1,508! Hurry Up! Don’t be the one you looks at the sold out sign and thinks, ” I should’ve bought them earlier!”

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  • A strap across the forefoot and around the ankle, connected at both sides by midfoot narrow straps.
  • Both straps are secured with a velcro closure.
  • Branding on the forefoot strap.
  • Textured, soft footbed.
  • Tough rubber outsole in a waffle pattern.
  • Warranty against manufacturing defects: 6 months (not valid on products with more than 20% discount).

3 Responses to “Nike Sandals For Men at Just Rs 1508 ONLY – 33% OFF!”

  1. Nachiket

    i got this coupon plus it enabled me to store from many website on low costs utilizing coupon however i am unable to understand that websites i have been provided coupon for except for !!

  2. Shams

    Clothing wise. ( I’m a 16 year older man.) Basically I don’t wish To be a sheep. Everybody at my school wears cargos, significant nike socks, nike sandals, snap backs, nike shirts, diamond plus co., or several obnoxious t-shirt regarding how they have thus much swag.

  3. all these females at my school are wearing the men Nike Air Jordan sandals or slides today with Nike low cut socks. is this anything modern or perhaps a hot design thats going arround?


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Nike sandals for men!