Nirali Cookware E-Class Die-Cast Casserole with freebie for Rs.857


Looking for better cookware for your kitchen? You can find non-stick pans, casseroles, saucepans, dishes and lots more with Nirali. Nirali presents a great range of cookware to suit your family’s needs. Stock up your kitchen with the best appliances and cooking supplies and whip up a delicious meal. The Nirali E-Class Die-Cast Casserole with Lid is a perfect addition to your kitchen cupboard. Made of durable heavyweight aluminium, with a non-stick teflon coating. You can get a bottle absolutely free with this casserole for just Rs. 1340 857/- with the coupon code DC1C53QUI5CA.

Nirali cookware

How to get Nirali E-Class Die-Cast Casserole with Lid with a freebie for Rs. 857 –

  1. Go to page for Nirali cookware.
  2. Click on ‘Buy now’.
  3. When the item is added to your cart, check out the item.
  4. Apply the coupon code DC1C53QUI5CA.
  5. Get this Nirali casserole for just Rs. 857/- with a free bottle.

This Nirali casserole has scientifically designed walls which help your food get cooked faster and all-round. It also has a heavy base which lets you keep it safely on any kitchen surface. Use this kind of cookware to prepare delicious vegetable stews, soups and tons more and avoid dealing with sticky residue left on the bottom of the casserole. Since it’s made of durable material, you can even use a metal spoon to serve from the casserole without worrying about damaging the teflon layer.

Nirali started manufacturing in 1985. We have had a quality focused approach since inception with a wide range of products, being the first to introduce many innovative products in India.we are now the number one brand and market leader .We have the first Dupont’s License in India since 1985 and are the only licensee to use Platinum coatings in the country. Also, FDA USA approved ISI India certification.We are expanding new manufacturing facilities with Italian technical know how and plan to capture premium market segments by introducing new and innovative products.

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