Nivea Shaving Foam and Shaving Balm Combo Offer for Men at Rs 249

Fatima Ansari

For every man shaving his facial hair is a part of looking neat and decent. Unless you are an artist or a performer, you would know what importance it holds to look neat in a decent environment. Dealstan brings you a combo offer on Nivea Shaving Foam and Shaving balm available only on

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Nivea is a sought after company for skincare products and essentials. Once you start using any product of Nivea, you would never want to switch or try out anything else. This is only because of the superlative quality that every skincare product by Nivea exhibits and the Nivea Shaving Foam and Shaving balm is no exception. The Nivea Shaving Foam and Shaving balm are a match made in heaven. The shaving foam is a 200 ml bottle that can be used for several times to get rid of the unnecessary facial hair.

As every product of Nivea, this one, too, consists of a unique formula consisting of sea minerals and vitamin care to give out the best results. The combination of the two helps soften the facial beard hair and soft hair is always easy to shave. The formula also consists of a cutting-edge Care Pro Tec and vitamin care to protect your face skin from the harmful effects of the blade. The shave balm is of 100 ml. Since the skin, after shaving becomes very dry it needs moisture and the shave balm is to give long lasting moisture. If you have sensitive skin, you can still use it against skin irritation without any oily feel.


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  1. Prakash

    So I’ve got fair skin, along with a certain blemishes on my cheeks. I was thinking is nivea creme fine for me?
    Please suggest 🙂


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Rs 249