Nivia Fitness Kit from Flipkart at Discount of Flat 44% – Rs 795


Workout in the comfort of your home if you find heading to the gym difficult by getting this Fitness Kit from Nivia. Comprising of a jump skipping rope, push up bars and hand grips, you are certain to achieve an effective overall workout.

Burn those extra calories and stay fit using the skipping rope, build your upper body strength, chest muscles and triceps using the push up bars and tone and build your forearm muscles using the hand grips by buying Nivia Fitness Kit from Flipkart.

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Fitness Kit

Descriptions :

Foam Hand Grip: Anti-slip Grip

The foam hand grips provide a cushiony feel and strong grip preventing slippage and accidents.

Soft Grip Push Up Bar: Plastic Based Soft Grips

Build your upper body muscles and get that perfect sculpted body with the help of these push up bars. The soft grip is plastic based and ensures that you get a comfortable grip, so you can have a prolonged exercise session.

Tones the Muscles and Burns off Excess Calories

Each of the equipment included in the kit helps you to burn those extra calories effectively. They also help in toning and strengthening your body muscles thereby increasing your stamina levels.

Ergonomically Designed

The ergonomic design of the handles allows you to hold them comfortably while exercising. It also helps in providing a firm and strong grip.

Durable, Safe and Convenient to Use

Made from premium quality materials, these equipment offer lasting durability and are extremely safe to use. You can conveniently store them and also carry them around easily while traveling.

Durable Spring System

The durable spring system on the hand grips ensures that regular usage will not cause any breakage.

Non-skiddy Fittings

The push up bars come with grips underneath that hold them perfectly in place and prevent skidding while you perform your push ups.


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Fitness Kit
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Rs 795