Novex Eco Purple Trolley Bag at Flat Rs 800 from Snapdeal

Sonali Singh

Have your journeys always been a cumbersome task? As you grapple managing your stuff. The heavy bags are almost a nightmare to be carried on your back and shoulders. Well worry not now for the house of Novex launches a smart and adept trolley bag that will lug all your thing efficiently and will give you freedom from those sore back and shoulders. Nvex Eco Purple Trolley bag brought to you by

How to get the Novex Eco Purple Trolley Bag?

  1. Shop to get the Novex Eco Purple Trolley Bag on
  2. Use Snapdeal coupon code SAVEBIG and Click on Buy.

Purple Trolley Bag

The smart and sturdy trolley bag from the house of Novex is a bag that gives you all the ease from the hassle of pulling the load on your backs. Just drag the bag with the straps and the wheels will make the movement extremely easy for you. Not a comfort provider, the Novex Eco Purple Trolley Bag is also a style exhibitor. When coupled with your personality, it will tell a lot about your class and taste. Mae from the polyester, the bag is really a tough one that can endure the toughest of the tampers. It comes with a printed interior lining, that is an add-on to the bag.

The catchy color of the bag makes it look happening all the more. It comes with smart zippers and handles that make it easy for you to carry the bag. It is also armored with ample room to keep a large number of things. Partitioned into many pockets you can stuff in your belonging as per your preference and comfort. The wheels of the Novex Eco Purple Trolley bag give you all the needed buoyant and you never have to stress your arms and hands while carrying the bag. The bag comes with a warranty that will help you get it changed if needed. Check out the Novex Eco Purple Trolley Bag details and make it your choice now.


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Rs 2499
Rs 800