Now Get Free Dental Checkup & Xray in Pune and Mumbai


Here is another deal, which will get you completely free dental check-up and free of cost Xray in Mumbai and Pune. Yes, teeth is quite precious part of our body and taking care of this is quite important, is also most required on time. In case if you have missed previous check-up or have not gone through any check-up for long, then its a great time for you. Just verify your mobile number and register online or you can also call 022-64648484 to take an appointment.


How to take appointment for Free Dental Checkup:

  1. Just, Go to the page here.
  2. Register and verify your mobile number and you are done.
  3. Or, you can also book an appointment by calling: 022-64648484.

Do let us know your feedback on this free dental checkup camp in comments below. Hope, you will love this free checkup.

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