Offer on Diapers from Babyhug – Upto 30% OFF from Firstcry

Shweta Anand

Firstcry brings all you mummies out there the best Offer on Diapers from Babyhug. Get up to 30% off on the 7-in-1 premium baby diaper packs. Enjoy happy discounts on baby diapers of all sizes and specifications. All mummies wish for a peaceful and wholesome night’s sleep for their baby. These are all combo packs with freebies and goodies. Get baby wipes and extra packs on this combo deal.Ensure peaceful comfort for your baby and peace of mind for yourself. With baby diapers priced so high these days, this offer is a god-send. Buy your choice of diapers now!

How to get the Offer on Diapers from Babyhug – Upto 30% OFF from Firstcry?

  1. Click to View the Offer on Diapers from Babyhug.
  2. Check out the suitable product specification and choose the one best suited for your baby.
  3. Click on BUY NOW.
  4. Subscribe today and Save Flat 35% on Baby Hug products.

A peaceful night’s sleep is essential for a baby’s growth. A peaceful stretch of sleep is necessary for you mommies and daddies too. With the cottony soft comfort of the Babyhug Diapers, you can be rest assured. Combo pack on diapers are a welcome thought in any form. Buy from the multiple options of diaper combos from the Offer on Diapers from Babyhug.  

Baby Hug – 7 in 1 Premium Baby Diapers Details:

With 7-in-1 benefits and the right price for a diaper, you can rest assured that you have got the most genuine value for money. You are also assured that Babyhug diapers are genuinely “premium”. This is because they are made with soft material that feels gentle and soft. Go ahead, give your baby a Babyhug!

  • Multi-refastening Magic Tape is made for ease of repeated refastening.
  • The diapers are gentle on skin with a cloth-like cover that is soft to touch and helps avoid irritation.
  • These have better absorbency and provide up to 4 hours protection.
  • The design helps prevent leakage with adjustable cuffs and elastic leg gathers that are gentle on the legs and prevent side leakage.
  • The Ultra Soft texture ensures soft surface and it does not irritate baby’s skin.

2 Responses to “Offer on Diapers from Babyhug – Upto 30% OFF from Firstcry”

  1. Vaijnath

    I was wanting to learn what size diapers a 1 year aged ought to be inside. If a not certain of the scale of the baby. Please guess like a general size diaper size for a 1 year aged.

  2. I’ve started line drying my son’s diapers. They smell better, nevertheless they’re nonetheless a bit stiff. I’ve tried tumbling them inside the dryer for a limited minutes nevertheless they nevertheless simply aren’t because soft. Any suggestions?


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Up to 30% off