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Music is one of the finest gifts to us for recreation and with modern technology getting you the finest at the best prices, we bring to you the incredible Offer on Philips Headphones .Now get a flat 50 % discount on world class headphones and earphones from Philips. Surprised?? Don’t be..

Philips has been known to be the Indian leader in the audio accessories segment and with the latest range out and turning heads everywhere, it is a must for you to own one and change the way you heard your favorite tunes earlier. Snap ’em on way to college, on the road to college or simple at home in the evening and go wild with your collection of the songs you love. The philips earphones promise you unbeatable sound clarity, volume levels and enhancements like you can’t imagine. Available in different varieties and price range, there is definitely something for everyone here. From supra aural over the ear headphones to in-ears plug ins to circum-aural traditional deals, there is a plethora of options for any music lover and all you need to do is go ahead and see what you like the most.

For sound enthusiasts, it would be of interest to know that these stupendous headphones offer bass referencing and balancing features that set the sound just right for your ears. Also, have you ever noticed those equalizers you use in your computers, laptops or phones? Get a real feel of what Rock, Pop, Classic or Jazz sounds like when you click on that one and take your listening experience to a higher level of awesomeness!! All this and more with the incredible Offer on Philips Headphones for you and your loved ones.. Hurry Get your sound-master now!!

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2 Responses to “Offer on Philips Headphones- Flat 40% OFF from Flipkart”

  1. Kalap

    I desire a hot set of headphones for hearing to music for whenever I’m out plus about. I newly purchased a pair of ‘bass-booster’ Philips headphones plus they are very uncomfortable on my ears and without good amount or bass. I got them for about €25 or €30

    Any inspirations that headphones will be superior for hearing to music, at the limit of €50?

  2. I have a Philips wireless headphones SHC8565/00 that I usually like to utilize with my computer iTune music. Is it ok to spot its transmitter near my CRT monitor? I have not got much area on my desk thus truly the only way is to spot it alongside my monitor thus to receive it connected to the computer CPU tower headphone jack. So can doing this receive the transmitter damaged? Any Idea or suggestion from anybody please?


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