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Common cold, can, at times suck the fun out of you. But before you pop that pill for cold think again. Popping pills to fight a cold and sinusitis is certainly not the best option. Beat the cold naturally! For common ailments such as these, grandma’s remedies can often do wonders. Try steam inhalation, an effective natural therapy that clears up nasal and bronchial passages. Hot steam provides immediate relief from nasal blockage and a scratchy throat. Now you can buy a handy and a portable steam vaporizer inhaler for Rs 149 only!

How to buy Steam Vaporizer Inhaler Just for Rs 149 Only:

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The common cold is the most common infection in humans. Considered trivial, it does not cause complications but leads to significant work absenteeism due to discomfort caused by the symptoms. Don’t let common cold boggle you down. Chase it away with steam vaporizer inhaler for Rs 149 only.
The common cold has been treated for decades with inhaled steam in the hope the mucus drain away more easily. Also there is laboratory evidence that the cold virus may be sensitive to heat. Steam inhalation reduces the swelling and edema of the upper respiratory tract and clears the congestion of mucous membranes. Research states that Steam inhalation can be very beneficial for the treatment of colds, bronchitis, fever, arthritis, asthma, stuffy head or nose, sinusitis and throat irritation. For soothing balmy effect on strained muscles or sprained stiff joints try steam vaporizer.
Additionally,  this steam vaporizer can be very beneficial for various other purpose such as- Aroma therapy & certain Ayurvedic treatments, Ideal for facial steam bath for clean and glowing skin, to soften nails cuticles calluses and corns before Pedicure Manicure, facial steam bath comforts skin after removal of make-up/foundation, Also to soften beard for smooth and clean shave.

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5 Days against Manufacturing Defect

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