Get Omron Weighing Scale HN-286 at Rs 1200 Only

Sowmya Nair

Still shying away from the weighing scales? Please don’t. Not checking your weight does not mean that you will reach your ideal weight soon. Buy Omron Weighing scale HN-286 and invest in a healthy you. Be sure to check your weight regularly to understand any abnormalities.

Buy Omron Weighing scale HN-286 for just Rs. 1,200. The list price is Rs. 2100selling price is Rs. 1700. But you have to pay only the deal price, which is Rs. 1,200! 

How to get Omron Weighing Scale HN-286 at Rs 1200 Only :

  1. Get Omron Weighing Scale HN-286 from
  2. Click on BUY NOW.
  3. Apply coupon code PG0001PURM to get this for Rs. 1,200.

You are of ideal weight? Great! Kudos to you. Ensure that you stay within range always. Over-weight? Worry not! Exercise, eat healthy and check your weight often. It’s a huge deal to lose weight. Imagine how awesome you would feel when this digital weighing scale shows one kg less every week? Underweight? Time to buck up and nourish your body with essential nutrients.

This scale is made of tempered glass, so don’t worry about breaking it. Its all automated. Buy Omron Weighing Scale HN-286 for yourself or gift it to a friend or loved one. Weight issues seem to conquer the world these days. Don’t give in to the struggle. Keep a tab on your weight and lead a long healthy life.

Product Description:

Omron’s latest addition to the Digital Body Weight Scale series – HN-286. With an ultra slim design and 4 sensor accuracy technology, you can be assured to get the accurate readings of your body weight.

  • 4 Sensor Accuracy Technology.
  • Automatic ON/OFF Function.
  • Ultra Slim Design – 18mm.
  • Tempered glass for safety.
  • Precision display to the closest 100g.

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